Page-Ad is a market place for automated buying of homepage take-overs. Over 300 Dutch and German domains are included in our network. Every day new webmasters join us. Our current monthly reach is larger than the combined reach of the top 3 Dutch websites. All take-over ads are traded real-time and sold to the highest bidder.

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Page-Ad is an automated market place for trading of website take-overs. You can offer your website take-over inventory in our program. This enables advertisers to place bids on your unsold media space, within an automated auction. This implies that you don’t need insertion orders for every campaign. All technology, hosting and reporting is automatically handled and accessible through your own online dashboard. Page-Ad can boost your website revenues with 25 –50%.

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Page-Ad is a private marketplace for the automated trading of high impact ads. It uses state-of-the-art real time bidding technologies and allows advertisers to connect all sorts of data to Page-Ad campaigns. In-house developed algorithms ensure the best performance possible.  

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