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Since the founding in 2005 by Philippe van Ooteghem in Utrecht, the Netherlands, AdLantic has evolved to be one of the experts on behavioral (re)targeting, real time bidding and conversion attribution tools.

AdLantic is no ordinary advertising specialist. With high-tech, state-of-the-art online advertising tools and our own ICT team continuously providing us with new products and innovations, we are representing the next generation of online display advertising.

Our services:

  • Retargeting with IAB standard formats, rich media and website take-overs

  • Cross channel and conversion attribution tools

  • Dynamic banner optimisation

  • Set-up and management of campaigns in all major ad networks

  • Page-Ad: the first automated ad exchange for website take-overs

  • Banner design and product feed integration

 Our board

Philippe van Ooteghem: CEO

Mail: philippe[at]adlantic.nl

T: +31 (0)30 234 12 22


 Philippe van Ooteghem


Maartje Hendrix: COO

Mail: maartje[at]adlantic.nl

T: +31 (0)46 475 98 45

Marco Rison: CFO

Mail: marco[at]adlantic.nl

T: +31 (0)30 234 12 22




The consumer anno 2014 is always connected and consumes information via countless offline and online channels. The art of display advertising is showing the right message at the right time to the right consumer.

The online advertising experience is changing rapidly and this means that the communication with the consumer also has to change. The online consumer consumes more information than ever before, thanks to smartphones, tablets, television and many other devices. The “super connected” customer is asking for a change in the way we think about marketing. How this “change” needs to look like, is displayed by research agency Forrester in the so-called multi-touch point model. This model shows the different touch points consumers have with a product or service before making a purchase.




Our philosophy is to bringing relevant and up-to-date messages to the consumer. We use evolving banners that are based on the customer journey. This implies continuously changing display campaigns, with changing target groups, -goals and -messages. This process has to be orchestrated from a customer and cross media oriented, holistic perspective. Key factors are optimization, analytics and state of the art campaign attribution tools.

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