Boost your traffic with - Automated trading of website take-overs

Page-Ad is a market place for automated buying of homepage take-overs. Over 300 Dutch and German domains are included in our network. Every day new webmasters join us. All take-over ads are traded real-time and sold to the highest

Affordable take-over campaigns

You don’t need large budgets for RTB take-over campaigns. Just target your
audience by selecting the preferred domains and use 1st or 3rd party data.
Refine your campaigns with geographic-, time and day part driven targeting.
Let us optimize your performance by diversifying your bids per city, day or
week-part and per website. All technology, hosting and reporting is
automatically handled and accessible.

Page-Ad benefits

Page-Ad offers a fully transparent, real-time marketplace for website
take-overs. The following features are enclosed:

  • Automated optimizing of campaign bidding

  • Hosting of your website take-over creatives

  • Free take-over ad design studio and live previewer

  • One-size fits all websites technology

  • Real-time and full control over all campaign settings

  • Retargeting capabilities for personalised creatives

  • Audience finder to reach your target groups

  • Video, overlayer and expandable features

Campaign set-up

Build your creative in our banner studio or upload your existing designs. Connect
them to your campaigns, insert your preferred budget and targeting settings. As soon as the creatives are audited, your homepage take-over will run on all selected websites in our network.

“Start a website take-over campaign on 300 websites within a few hours.”


All reports are 100 % transparent, so you will see results per website, hour, day and city. The traffic predictor calculates the predicted number of adviews based on historical bid rate data. You will only pay for ads that were fully loaded and shown to the visitor. “Page-Ad’s average click rate is 3%, resulting in an effective cost per click ranging between 0,20 and 0,40 euro”. You will be assigned a project manager who can further assist you with advice , technical questions or support. 


Jochen van Dijk: Marketeer at VGZ Health Insurance 

"Adlantic´s Page-Ad has helped us create awareness in commercially interesting target groups for several brands during different campaigns. It is one of the practical examples which allows us to combine the internet as commercial channel with performance based media buying. The ads are perfectly integrated in the overall campaign, they are flexible in buying and adjustments.
Absolutely one of the permanent kick-off elements for every branding and conversion campaign!"

Start boosting traffic to your website!! 

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