Traffic boosting with - Automated trading of website take-overs 

What is Page-Ad?

Page-Ad is a private marketplace for automated buying of website take-overs. All take-over ads are traded real-time and sold to the highest bidder. Based on data and algorithms the right dynamical website take-over is shown to the right user at the right time. All technology, hosting and reporting is automatically handled and accessible through your own dashboard which has the look & feel of your agency. You'll get access to more than 300 domains which are included in the Page-Ad program. Every day new publishers join the program. 


Website take-overs are 100% visible. Page-Ad combines branding with performance and achieves very high click rates. Page-Ad’s average click rate is 3%, resulting in an effective cost per click ranging between 0,20 and 0,40 Euro.

You only bid on domains that fit to the target group of your clients. The traffic predictor calculates the number of adviews based on historical data. Your client will only pay for ads that were fully loaded and shown to the visitor. Furthermore you aren’t bound to a determined booking period and individual agreements with publishers are not necessary any more.

  • Own dashboard in look & feel of your agency

  • Page-ad is connected to all mayor DSP's

  • Responsive take-over design: one size fits all websites technology

  • Automated optimizing of campaign bidding

  • Hosting of your website take-over creatives

  • Free ad design studio and live previewer

  • Real-time and full control over all campaign settings

  • (Re)targeting dynamical website-takeovers for personalised targeting

  • Audience finder to reach your target groups

  • Video, overlayer and expandable features

  • Affordable branding campaigns

  • 100% transparent reporting

Dashboard for you and your clients

As an agency partner of Page-Ad you will get access to your own Page-Ad dashboard. Your dashboard presents all results of Page-Ad within the look and feel of your agency. With just one login you will get access to all your campaigns and get full control. Your clients get their own logins for your dashboard.

All dashboard reports are 100 % transparent, meaning 24/7 access to results per website, hour, day and city. Next to conventional KPIs, mouse-overs, average mouse-over time, interaction, video loads and seconds are reported.

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