Page-ad offers a fully transparent, real-time marketplace for website take-overs.

The following features are enclosed:

Automated process

Only unsold media space is traded within Page-Ad. Your current campaigns (affiliate, Ad Sense and display) will not be affected It will not cause any interference with your current monetizing business model. Page-Ad will only add additional revenues.

Auditing and previews

Page-Ad’s banner creator tool is directly connected to an automated auditing script, that guides advertisers in building the designs. After a design is finished, the Page-Ad auditing team will verify that it meets all your requirements. A
previewer is used by all parties to assess the design in “live environment”. After a positive audit, the page take-over campaigns are scheduled and you will start making money. You always control the adds that are shown on your website.

Page-ad configuration

You can define separate domains and corresponding page take-over compositions. This gives you full control over what is and isn't allowed on your websites. It allows you to specify whether take-overs can use things such as:

  • user initiated audio

  • Frequency capping

  • video

  • expandables

  • overlayers

  • advertiser black lists

  • etc


Implementation of Page-Ad is done within an existing- or new placed banner-tag. These tags communicate real-time. They will only fire when a suitable page take-over campaign is available that complies to your floor price and other requirements.
Page-Ad technique can also be used for your own, self sold take-over campaigns, which can be prioritized above Page-Ad campaigns. You will be assigned a contact person who can further assist you with advice, technical questions or support.

Page-ad fees

Publishers directly connected to Page-Ad don’t pay any seller network commissions, auditing or tech-fees. You will only be paid for every shown 

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Jim Souren from

“We are showing page takeovers via Page-Ad for over more than a month. The takeovers are not disrupting our radio service and the creatives look good and professional. Given click-through rates of more than 8%, our visitors are also content. In the end only one visitor complained about the takeovers.”

Mark Kan from

“As a publisher we are very happy about the page takeovers of Page-Ad. We are completely free what we want to show and what not. For the visitors of the ads are not irritating, and so we get high click-through rates. It's a win-win situation for publishers, clients and visitors.”


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