Online Display offers tremendous possibilities in the current rapidly changing environment. Mainly due to automated buying and real time bidding, we are facing unprecedented new opportunities.

It is the age of one to one marketing. The time of showing the right message to the right person at the right time. Unfortunately, most display campaigns are still very generic and non targeted. 

The need to make dynamic and customized ads is increasing. Ads must be shown exactly at the right time, with the correct message to the appropriate person. In order to gain insight into this process we use the Forrester Touch Point model. This framework models customers into different touch points within their sales cycle. 

Realtime bidding

Page-Ad inventory is programmatically sold, based on an open and transparent marketplace. Each individual website is made available through our sell side platform (SSP), which is connected to all major DSPs.

This makes it possible to manage page-ad campaigns the same way as normal display campaigns. Also, normal use of data segments (like retargeting) is still possible.

The only difference to normal banner campaigns are the creatives. Instead of normal banners, a small Javascript tag is inserted into the campaign, that makes a call to the Page-Ad creative server, where it is hosted.

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Responsive design

Page-Ad uses responsive resizing techniques. This means that there is only one take-over design needed that automatically adjusts to each targeted website in the Page-Ad campaign. This "one-size-fits-all" method saves a lot of design efforts.

The take-over components that are located all over the website, communicate with each other, causing cool effects on the entire screen. Advanced techniques like personalized retargeting with external product feeds are also possible

The responsive techniques ensure that the available space is maximized. The side components can be wider at higher screen resolutions and contain more content (such as video). On smaller screens the sides can be expandable.


Page-ad builder

Page-Ad builder is an advertising production and workflow tool that streamlines rich media processes for creative agencies. It helps designers and developers publish high-quality, innovative work with quick turnarounds.

Simply upload different images, videos or flashobjects, edit them and preview the Page-Ad live on each targeted website.

Audience finder

This pre targeting tool locates new audiences with high similarity to your own current visitors. To find these groups, an automated research is deployed. This research compares the behavior of your current visitors with all others. Visitors with the highest similarity are tagged and can be targeted separately. On average, this tool finds visitors that have a four times higher similarity score than normal.

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Cross-media effect measurement

Although normal attribution tools give a lot of insight in the effect correlation between the different marketing channels, the crucial question of a marketer remains unanswered. “What is the real effect of your display campaign, seen from a multi-touch-point and a cross media reality?”

COME analyses the cross media effect, through a so called test/control group design. With every analysis the visitors of your website are divided into 2 groups: one group that did see the banner and one group that did not.

Thanks to the control group you can calculate the expectation of the test group. If the real results of the test group significantly deviate from the test group's expectation, then that deviation is casual – and therefore caused by the display campaign. In this way you can exactly calculate how many additional conversions are made due to the online display campaign.

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